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Puppy Socials

Note: There is no puppy social on Easter Sunday, 2024. 

Puppy Socials are held Sunday mornings between 9am – 11am inside the F&H arena. Puppy Socials are available for puppies from 4 – 6 months of age.

Our Puppy Socials consist of a fun and engaging atmosphere with toys, new smells, sounds, surfaces, people and other puppies! All geared to encourage a positive introduction for fundamental socializing.

The real world is full of so many things that can easily overload a puppy’s senses, causing inabilities to properly manage their stressors. Puppies are often exposed to so many new things all at once and are expected to manage in their surroundings confidently. Expectations from new puppy parents can quickly be misunderstood in puppy social development.

Simple things such as car rides, loud voices, new people, kids, bikes, sirens, etc. are all overstimulating to new puppies. Dogs learn by experiences and one poor experience can forever change the way a new puppy sees the world. Allow us to help explain the way a puppy thinks and communicates, proper puppy play interactions, conditioning in new surroundings and how to properly introduce puppies to new people.

Our goal is to host a puppy social that is informative for puppy parents by creating a fun and positive experience for puppies to develop appropriate, calm and confident skills.


Puppies must be current with their 3rd DHPP Booster vaccine, and have their Bordetella Vaccine. Proof of vaccinations is required upon first visit and an account will be set up.

Puppies without records cannot be accepted. Please discuss vaccination protocol with your veterinarian to ensure your puppy is up to date.

Weather pending, we sometimes host our socials on the pool deck for puppies to have outdoor play and water exposure.