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What does my dog need to bring?

For overnight stays, all you need to bring is your dog’s food!  Although,  a treat or two as a bedtime snack would not be a bad thing 😉

If your dog requires any medications during their stay please provide us with the exact instructions. We recommend that you log onto your dog’s account and update the details online for us to see. You can update your dog’s feeding instructions and contact information for us too! We appreciate as much information as possible.

On our end, we to provide each guest with bedding, bowls, daily housekeeping, entertainment and activities.

Like sending your kid to camp, we appreciate when all belongings come labelled. Please label your leash, food and any other possible items, helping us stay organized makes us so excited.

For daycare dogs. if a routine lunch is part of their normal schedule you are welcome to bring a lunch. For dogs that come with lunches, they are provided with a 1 1/2 break from play group to eat and digest. Otherwise, we suggest your dog having his/her normal breakfast before arriving, and having their normal dinner at home after a good day’s play.


To log onto your dog’s account click here! 

Which vaccines does my dog require to attend the F&H?

Every dog must be current on routine vaccines, which include:

  • Distemper
  • Hepatitis
  • Parvo Virus
  • Parainfluenza
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella.

Puppies require their third booster vaccine for DHPP and Bordetella.

We do not require puppies to have their Rabies vaccine under 20 weeks of age.

We require proof of all vaccines prior to your dog’s first day with us. For our existing F&H dogs we  ask for you to send us your update vaccine records to keep our files current too!

We cannot accept dogs without proof of vaccines prior to their first day.  Please inquire with your veterinarian clinic if you do not have a copy of your most recent vaccine certificate. Most clinics will gladly provide you with an email copy, which you can forward onto us. Please email your vaccine record to us at – [email protected]

NOTE: Bordetella is most commonly referred to as the “kennel cough” vaccine. Bordetella can be administered in three different ways – intranasal, oral, or by injection. This vaccine must be administered more then five days prior to your dogs stay. Please discuss vaccine protocols with your Veterinarian.

We will gladly accept Titer test results in lieu of certificate. For more questions about Titer results, please reach out to us.

How old does my puppy need to be to come to the F&H?

Puppies need to be old enough to have completed their third booster vaccine.

Check with your veterinarian if you are unsure which vaccines your puppy has had.

Typically, most puppies are around the 4 month mark when they have completed their third booster.

Will my dog eat or sleep with other dogs?

Although we consider ourselves an open concept facility, all our guests are provided individual and private spaces to eat and sleep.

Our overnight guests are designated private suites or cozy cabins for eating and sleeping on their own. With the exception of same household dogs and approval from the parents. However, we will not feed same household dogs together. They are given individual times to eat separately.

Does my dog need to be spayed or neutered before coming to daycare?

For puppies under 12 months of age – The behavior of the dog will determine whether its ok for your dog to participate in our play groups prior to being spayed or neutered.

By 12 months of age, we require dogs to be spayed or neutered to attend daycare. Unfortunately, we often see behavioral issues within a group setting particularly with intact males before they reach the 12 month mark. Should your dog begin to exhibit these behaviors we will suggest your dog be neutered before returning to daycare.

We respect that it is ideal for a male dog to be neutered between 12-18 months of age, however, a daycare or group setting isn’t the best environment while intact. We are happy to offer private play options for dogs waiting a certain age to be neutered who absolutely require daycare in the meantime.

For overnight accommodations, we are still happy to provide overnight care for intact dogs, they will be restricted to private plays groups while here.

For female dogs in heat, should we discover your dog in heat we will contact you immediately and keep your dog separated from others while a plan is put in place.

Please be aware female puppies can come in heat as early as 5 months of age, although it’s not overly common, it is certainly possible. We do our best to recognize these signs from intact females within our groups, but ultimately we require dog parents to recognize when their female dog is beginning a heat cycle. Please keep your female dog home if she is within a cycle, typically a full cycle lasts 4 weeks.

Once your dog is spayed or neutered please inform us so that we can keep your dog’s file current.