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It’s tricky keeping our dogs exercised and entertained each day, especially with busy schedules of our own!

Sometimes a little help is needed, that’s why we are here! The F&H provides a fun filled daycare program Monday to Friday, available from 6am-6pm, by reservation to pre-approved dogs. Our doggy daycare allows you the flexibility to leave your dog with us when you need, taking the stress or guilt away of leaving your doggo home alone for hours. The F&H handlers are prepared to give that extra attention and enrichment.

With over 3 acres of secure outdoor play space, 3 climate controlled indoor play areas, an inground swimming pool (seasonal of course), artificially turfed play yards for muddy days, giant dirt hills to explore and don’t forget our team of over 25 handlers to spoil and supervise your dog.

During their time with us, your dog will enjoy the following features/benefits at our doggy daycare program:

  • Indoor and outdoor doggy playground equipment
  • Impact-resistant rubberized flooring
  • Over 3 acres of secure outdoor play space
  • Shady spaces to relax
  • Lush grasses and hills to explore
  • Customized playgroup activities
  • In-ground swimming pool
  • Water activities
  • Plenty of exercise

Doggy daycare is available for a variety of dogs including young puppies, maturing puppies, adult dogs, senior dogs, and dogs with special needs.

We categorize our playgroups by age, size, energy level, and play style to ensure they have the best playmates to engage with during their stay.

Here at the F&H, we do our best to capture fun moments. Our in house photographer is on site weekdays to capture adorable portraits and as many action shots as possible!  These photos shared on our social media platforms, mainly Facebook and Instagram.


Our doggy daycare rate is $3.50 an hour + HST.
Pre-paid packages are available, these can be purchased on our online store or on location.

Purchase pre-paid daycare packageCreate a Reservation for Daycare


Feeling safe and secure in your surroundings, especially when you’re the smallest of the pack, is a big deal. We offer an exclusive doggy daycare and overnight stay experience specifically designed to keep your little’s tail wagging during their stay.

To eliminate interactions with our big dogs, your little will enjoy the following features/benefits:

  • Offer a separate entrance/lobby
  • Separate play area
  • Separate sleeping area
  • Dedicated handlers

We look forward to meeting you! Book your play assessment day today.

Private Play

With our five private yards we are able to accommodate dogs who prefer one on one play versus a group setting.

Some dogs simply become too over aroused in a group setting, causing reactive and unwanted behaviors. For those dogs a one on one play with a specially matched friend is the perfect solution.  We are able to accommodate limited spaces for dogs requiring this extra step.

General Play Group (“Bigs”)