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Katie Fuller, owner of the Fox & Hound Canine Retreat started her journey as a child surrounded by her dad’s American Fox Hounds and Jack Russell Terriers. As a child Katie’s involvement with her dad’s kennel, dogs and dog trials established her goal in life to work with animals particularly dogs.

Katie’s career within the pet industry began in 2001, when she opened her first grooming salon in her home town of Arkona at age 19. In 2003, she began a new chapter in pet nutrition with a pet food company, travelling throughout North America. Throughout her years in pet nutrition, Katie worked with leaders of the industry, veterinarians, breeders, world class trainers and even sled dog mushers. In her travels, Katie was fortunate to have visited hundreds of boarding and daycare facilities.

With the experiences and ideas gathered from her travels, Katie began to design her own facility putting her life long dream of operating her own facility into reality. The Fox and Hound Canine Retreat, complimentary to her dad, would allow Katie to create a facility where she would find acceptable enough for her own dogs to stay.  Putting herself in the shoes of a nervous dog parent who would be apprehensive to leave their beloved dog at a “kennel”, Katie wanted to create something dog parents would feel good about.

At the F&H every detail has been planned based on what dog parents want while keeping the comfort of the dog above all else.

Katie’s approach to dog care is unique to Ontario. Catering specifically to the social dog as an open concept facility, a temperament assessment is critical to the operations of the F&H. With this method, the dogs need space, and the Fox & Hound certainly has a lot of that. This open concept retreat sits on a 50-acre farm allowing Katie and her passionate team to provide the foundations and programs a dog needs.